Monday, October 24, 2011

Suncoast Classic at Durban Country Club

Yet another sucessfull Suncoast classic held at Durban Country Club. Congrats to Darren Fichardt who has been dominant throughout the week and shot a final-round 68 to win the Suncoast Classic by six strokes on Saturday.

Fichardt took his 12th Sunshine Tour victory after closing the R500,000 event at 13-under-par, six shots clear of runner-up Ulrich van den Berg. Also congrats to Alex Haindl, Allan Versfeld and Warren Abery, who shared third at six-under-par

See you boys again next year !

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hollow Tining explained

As you guys are aware we hollow tinned the greens a few weeks ago and this is a video to explain it in layman's terms what it does and why its necessary.

Wetting Agents

Summer is here and the heat is coming !!! Wetting agents are surfactants.They act by modifying the surface tension between water and another surface, like leaf blades or soil particles.

A wetting agent is a product used in golf course management to increases the ability of water to penetrate soils. It decreases the surface tension of soil particles making it easier for water to infiltrate and spread through the soil profile. It makes water more efficient.

We use wetting agents on both courses to improve the effectiveness of nightly irrigation. In periods of stress, the improved water effectiveness helps us combat dry spots when we hand water. It also helps roots get the water they need to keep the grass plant alive.

We have started treating greens with wetting agent over the last few weeks in preparation for the summer heat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grain !

This is just another golf course experiencing grain problems on there greens. We at DCC are lucky we dont have any problems with that but we do have grain on our fairways and we are apllying heavy cultural pratices to get rid of it.